Dental Emergency: Are You Prepared?

Emergency Dental Care Bel Air, MD

Looking for information on how to deal with a dental emergency? Great idea! You really never know when an emergency will arise. This makes it a good idea for you to always be prepared. Even if you feel you are someone who does not deal well with emergency situations, it really is essential for you to learn some emergency basics, just in case.

It very well could be you who finds yourself in a dental emergency or it could happen to someone you care about. This makes it extremely beneficial for you to know exactly what to do in any type of emergency dental situation.

What classifies as an emergency situation?

It can be difficult to understand what classifies as an emergency dental situation as any dental issue someone is experiencing may seem like an emergency situation. For example, if someone is chewing on ice and chips one of their teeth, they may consider this to be an emergency even though there is no pain. In this situation, it is often recommended for them to make an appointment with their dentist in the next few days for treatment.

An easy way to understand whether or not a dental situation is indeed an emergency is to remember these three things that constitute an actual emergency:

  • A tooth will be lost if immediate treatment is not sought
  • There has been trauma to the mouth that results in ongoing bleeding
  • There is a great deal of swelling and severe pain

Preparing for a dental emergency

The following is a list of dental emergency tips and important information that will help anyone understand how to properly deal with a dental emergency.

Stay calm

The first thing everyone needs to do when dealing with an emergency situation is to stay calm. This often includes taking deep breaths, which helps to lower any stress or anxiety anyone is feeling. Being calm is important as every dental emergency situation requires some form of immediate treatment. When someone is in a calm state of mind they are better able to deal with the situation.

First aid kit

Keeping a first aid kit in one’s purse or car is a great idea. This kit should include gauze, clean cloths, an ice pack, pain relievers, gloves, a small water bottle, dental adhesive and a list of dental emergency situations with directions on what to do for each one.

Contact an experienced dentist

Anytime someone experiences a dental emergency they will need to contact their dentist as soon as possible for their advice regarding their treatment options.

How prepared are you?

Are you fully prepared for a dental emergency if something were to happen in your presence? After reading the above information you should now understand what to do if an emergency dental situation were ever to arise. Whether it is you, someone you care about or a complete stranger, you can really make a difference by being prepared for an emergency situation. If you happen to have any questions or need to make an appointment, know that our professional dental team is more than happy to assist you!

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