Common Reasons to Visit a Same Day Emergency Dentistry Office

Besides a painful cavity or a missing tooth, there are plenty of reasons to go see a same day emergency dentistry office. Common everyday activities such as playing sports or biting on a particularly hard item may warrant a run to an emergency dentist. Same day emergency offices provide extended hours and around-the-clock dentists on hand to fill last-minute appointments and general dental care whenever a patient my need it.

Bleeding and pain

Severe bleeding and intense pain are both valid reasons for visiting an emergency office. Inflammations and pain are common reasons to see a doctor. A dentist is no different. A dentist will find the potential problem and treat the area to make the bleeding stop. Visiting an emergency dentist will most likely diagnose and treat the source of your pain as quickly as possible. In addition, same day offices are more than capable of providing a dental check-up. 

Missing tooth, crown, or filling

You notice that you are missing a crown or filling after that last bite, or you get a tooth knocked out while out with the kids. Fret not, visiting an office can provide many different solutions to a filling or crown. Locating the tooth and the pain area can be done quickly by a professional in no time.

This is also a great chance to take a look at cavities or swollen gums as well. Even if the crown or filling is not lost, dental offices are more than capable of having spare parts or capabilities to fix any sort of minor cosmetic issues.

A chipped tooth is the most common dental emergency. Small chips in teeth can occur at the hands of food or an injury or accident. Dental offices that offer same day treatment can save anyone from embarrassment from this sort of ordeal. Do not risk further damaging your tooth at any point! 

Swelling or infections

Swelling can be an immediate sign of a more serious infection at hand. A stop at an emergency dentist can help slow down and reduce the swelling. as well as diagnose the issue for treatment. As with all infections, the sooner it is noticed and acted upon, the easier it is to treat. An emergency office has plenty of medication options to help reduce any sort of swelling or bruising in the oral region as well. An unbearable toothache is often a sign of a larger problem, such as decay or plaque buildup. 

Emergencies strike all the time; appointments are a hassle and impossible to schedule all the time. A same day emergency dentistry office allows for walk-ins and many options when faced with oral pain or any sort of dentistry procedure. No longer must you wait weeks and go back and forth with your dentist. Same day dentists are readily available to fulfill your needs! 

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