For years, dentists have improved smiles by improving the look of their patients’ teeth. Now, our own Dr. Tessa Modiri is able to transform smiles from forehead to chin and cheek to cheek with her in-depth knowledge of facial structure and advanced injection techniques. Dr. Tessa is dedicated to keeping up to date on the latest advancements in cosmetic and facial esthetic dentistry in order to deliver the most comprehensive and conservative treatment for her patients’ optimum oral health. With an extensive educational background in areas crucial to providing these treatments, it was only natural for Dr. Tessa to become certified so she could bring her cosmetic talent to her patients’ entire smile. Using Botox®, Juvederm®, Invisalign®, veneers, whitening, and NTI™, she can customize a total smile makeover and provide each of her patients with a uniquely beautiful and healthy smile.


The Whole Smile

A remarkable smile is the result of beautiful teeth and alluring facial esthetics. A truly natural smile involves the whole face: teeth, lips, cheeks, eyes, and even the forehead. However, the skin’s connective tissues break down and its elasticity diminishes with age, so lines and wrinkles eventually appear around the mouth and eyes, dulling the smile’s youthful glow. Sun exposure, smoking, and repeated movements such as squinting contribute to and accelerate the formation of undesirable crinkles that eventually become wrinkles. Botox and dermal fillers are minimally invasive treatments that restore the skin’s fresh, smooth appearance.



Botox is a purified protein that, when administered in low doses, relaxes facial muscles, giving the skin a smooth, youthful look. It is typically used around the mouth and eyes, where smile lines develop and deepen over time. Though Botox is most commonly used as a restorative measure — after lines and wrinkles have already formed — it can be used as a preventive measure as well: the muscles used in facial expressions can be retrained before lines become etched in the skin. Botox is popular because it is a nonsurgical, affordable, and effective cosmetic solution with almost no side effects. The effects of Botox last about 4 months.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive, popular alternative to surgical facelifts. They are injected just under the skin, removing wrinkles and lines and making the patient’s skin appear more youthful. Derma fillers add volume to the face and are most often used to reduce the lines that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They can also be used to reduce acne scarring. The effects of derma fillers last about 6 months.


Why choose Abingdon Family Dentistry for your treatments?

The benefits of being treated with Botox and dermal filler in the dentist’s office are plentiful. When you receive treatments from Dr. Tessa, you are receiving them from a trained professional with whom you already have an established, trust-based relationship. You’ve experienced her skills and professionalism while working on your teeth, so you can be assured she’ll use the same diligence and care working on your whole smile as well. All of your facial esthetic concerns will be addressed at once, minimizing the time and providing consistency in the approach and administration of treatments.And as a dentist, Dr. Tessa is uniquely trained and experienced in working with facial muscles and has the deepest and most thorough understanding of how to achieve esthetic results while maintaining a natural appearance. Finally, you can schedule your treatments to coincide with your regular checkups and cleanings, keeping you and your total health on schedule and convenient.


To find out more about our smile design services, including Botox and derma filler treatments, call (410) 346-5058.