Permanent Whitening

A beautiful white smile is everyone’s dream. While there’s many whitening methods out there, most of them only whiten the surface of the tooth, so as soon as you get back to drinking coffee, tea, red wine, sodas or smoking the teeth stain right back again. Other patients whose teeth are stained from childhood (due to taking a certain antibiotic such as Tetracycline) never even had a chance with old whitening methods and had to get veneers, which was much more costly. Now, with new technology that is revolutionizing whitening, even those patients can get beautiful white teeth. And the best part is that the whitening lasts, even when you drink the same staining liquids!

How it works

Permanent Whitening is accomplished using the patented KoR method invented in California and originally used exclusively by Hollywood stars. To develop the KoR method, the basic principles of whitening were rethought to ensure that the KoR method whitens the teeth not just on the surface, but deep within, which is what achieves the permanent supremely white yet natural looking result. The key difference with KoR is that it uses ingredients that whiten only when combined together, eliminating the need for acidic (and thus tooth-damaging) preservatives that were used in previous whitening methods and which limited their effectiveness (since they could not be made stronger because they would be too acidic for the teeth). The KoR whitening is also manufactured, shipped and stored in a frozen environment, which ensures its freshness and maximum potency. Finally, the method uses special trays which are precisely fabricated to ensure that the first phase of KoR (the home pre-whitening phase) effectively delivers the whitening gel to the teeth and prevents it from being washed out with saliva.

The Result: An effective, safe, painless and permanent method for whitening your teeth!

See our Before and After Section for more actual patients’ results.